lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Wood week V. The Auction. Chiringuito (Otrascosas de Villarrosàs)

During July 2012 David Martí, Marc Morro, Jordi Canudas, Diego Ramos, Pablo Limón, Arquitectura-G and me were invited to participate in Wood Week. Within this week we all built different pieces of furniture with the exact same amount of wood. After being exhibited for a while they were all auctioned. Apartamento magazine and Ana Domínguez were also making beautiful lamps and structures out of bricks.

Wood week IV. Coke Bartrina. Chiringuito (Otrascosas de Villarrosàs)

Me while making a love seat

Wood week III. Diego Ramos. Chiringuito (Otrascosas de Villarrosàs)

Diego Ramos while making his chair

Wood week II. Pablo Limón. Chiringuito (Otrascosas de Villarrosàs)

Pablo Limón while making his plants coffee table

Wood week I. Canudas. Chiringuito (Otrascosas de Villarrosàs)

Jordi Canudas

Chiringuito. Otrascosas de Villarrosàs

I helped out the guys while building Chiringuito's structure designed by Arquitectura-G. First pic by José Hevia

Stools. Science of the city

I designed these stools for Science of the City exhibition at Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona)

DIY. My own little garden. The Plant Journal #01

Recycled woods I got from the streets turn in to a small vegetables garden. Pics Adrià Cañameras

Balcony table

I made this table for my balcony with some spare pieces from making my bed and the day after I had the breakfast outdoors

Sleeping loft

Robbie moved to a small room in La Mansión. He asked me to build him an sleeping loft so he could do a better use of space. Adrià shot me a couple pics while working