martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Studio Stadio

The end of 2014 was a little bit chaotic. I was in need to find somewhere to do my thing, photography. I was tired of working in my home so I got a really nice place in Poble Nou, Barcelona. I'm sharing it with other 7 marvelous people. I fixed the whole place on my own with the help of some friends&family. When I had to choose between buying desks or making them I thought I could make 8 desks based in Enzo Mari's design featured in Autoprogettazione. They are really quick to make and look very nice. I made them all in 3 days, Alfredo came to help me out. Ana and Pau helped with the varnishing. Nuria toke some nice pics of the process.

Lena's chandeliers

Last year I went to Villa Lena to celebrate New Year's eve. Clarisse Demory, the art director who was working there at the moment asked me to make something simple in wood for the concept store and I made this chandeliers. It happened to be that Lena's birthday was at this same time so I gave her a couple as a bday present.